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Shooting Target


You just bought a gun.

Here are the next steps.

Step 1- Make your Purchase

At the time of purchase please inform the seller to ship the firearm to G&D LLC.

The seller will need to email G&D at to exchange FFL's.

Step 2- Firearm Received

Once the firearm has been received, G&D will contact you to schedule an in person appointment  to begin the transfer process. To schedule the appointment the transfer fee will need to paid. $125 for the first firearm, $75 each additional firearm.

Step 3- G&D Appointment

Please be sure to bring the following items to the appointment

  • Valid Photo ID (Driver's license Identification Card or Passport)

​During the appointment the following tasks will be completed:

  • NICS Background Check

  • PD219

  • ATF Form 4473

  • Schedule MPD appointment

Step 4- MPD Appointment

Please be sure to bring the following items with you.

  • Proof of Firearm Safety Training

  • Provide a valid government issued photo ID (Valid DC driver's license or Passport)

  • 2 Forms of proof of Residency (Lease agreement, vehicle registration card, voter registration, deed to home, bank statement, W2......)

  • Application for Firearm Registration Certificate

  • Statement of Eligibility

  • Firearm Sales Receipt (if asked)

  • Payment ($13 Firearm registration application fee, $35 Finger printing)

*MPD has up to 60 days to process a firearm registration application/ 90 days to complete a conceal carry application. For updates on your application contact MPD Firearm Registration Branch.

Step 5- Registration and Firearm Pick up

When MPD has successfully completed your registration, you will be sent a digital version of your registration via email from MPD.

You will need to forward that email to us ( Upon receiving the forwarded email, we will need to complete another background check (FBI background checks are valid for 30 days. Since MPD's process takes longer than 30 days, an additional background check must be run.) When we receive the results of your background check, we will contact you to schedule an appointment to pick up your firearm. 

During this appointment the following tasks will be completed.

  • ATF form 4473

  • Take possession of Firearm

  • Please be sure to bring a backpack large enough to transport your firearm.

Transfer Steps: About Us
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